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Why Car Count Clinic?

Dear Shop Owner:  

I want to invite you to attend a unique seminar where you can learn how to increase your car count by attracting a seemingly endless supply of high quality customers. In fact, the secrets that will be revealed at this seminar will teach you how to increase your business to any size you want! 

I, Ron Ipach (Captain Car Count), will reveal the exact strategies that many auto repair shops are using right now to bring record profits…while at the same time other shops are struggling just to get by!

The Real Truth is That Being a Good Repair Shop is Not Good Enough

We all know this shouldn't be true, but it is. The fact is that being a successful shop today has more to do with marketing and advertising than it has to do with doing good repairs ... and yes, you still have to do good repairs.  

You can give your techs all the right training. You can be at your shop all the time, greeting customers, going on test-drives, turning wrenches, and answering phones. You can believe that if you are the most friendly, helpful owner and do the best repairs, then somehow everyone will come to your shop. Let me tell you, it just ain't true.

You could be the absolute best shop in your area, even in the world, BUT you'd go broke without a steady stream of new customers. All of your knowledge, superior skills, and expensive tools mean nothing if you don't have enough customers.  

At This EXLUSIVE Event, I'll Teach You How to Get All the Customers You Want  

A lot of my clients tried all the things that the "management experts" teach in our business. The problem is, all that management stuff is no good unless you have a steady thriving business to manage. What little they do teach about marketing is based on ‘theory’ and has no basis in reality.  

But once my clients start using my methods, something amazing happens: one of the marketing strategies starts to work! Then another. Then still another! You see, after a LOT of trial and error, I finally figured out what works and now I teach those strategies to shop owners all over the world. I can show you how to effortlessly get a constant stream of new customers.

One Strategy From This Event Alone Can Pack Your Shop!

But, I didn't stop at just one strategy. I created and tested dozens winning profit-producing marketing strategies that you can instantly put to work for you in your shop. I carefully fine-tuned each one until I was absolutely certain that they could bring in the maximum number of new customers for your shop. It took a lot of time and money, but it was well worth it.  

Now You Can Get Tons of Customers!  

Once I started to figure out what worked and what didn't work, shop owners all over started making money. Lots of money. Good-Bye Hard Times!  

The strategies aren't difficult; you can make them work ... if you know what they are.  

And once you learn these marketing secrets during this event, you'll be light years ahead of your competition, because 99.9% of all shop owners don't have a clue about these techniques, let alone how to make them work.

About Your Leaders

Ron Ipach - Captain Car Count 

For 20 years, Ron has helped over 5536 auto repair shop owners to get and keep all the top-quality customers they can handle. Marketing auto repair services is all he does. He lives, eats, and breathes it every day. He has seen, heard, and tested practically every kind of marketing there is out there today. He’s examined the results. He’s tweaked and tested dozens of strategies over and over in order to maximize their results.  

Because Ron has personally worked with so many shop owners over the years, he has the distinction of being the only person in the world that knows exactly what marketing works, and what doesn’t work for auto repair shops in today’s economy. He finds passion in amplifying time & freedom for his clients while helping them take back control of their businesses. 

The Top 10 Great Reasons Why You Should Crawl Across A Barbed-Wire Fence To Attend This Event

  • 1. Because you DESERVE a break from the daily grind of running a shop!  
  • 2. Staying home is just plain crazy! At this event, you'll be handed tons of new ideas that have already PROVEN to attract high quality customers that will be ready to spend money at your shop. When you discover these little-known secrets, you could easily put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket every single month! Deciding NOT to attend could easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars in future revenues!  
  • 3. The event is SUPER CHEAP - $97 LIMITED TIME ONLY (Plus your expenses are tax deductible!)  
  • 4. This seminar will be on a Friday-Saturday, so you probably won't need to take much time away from your shop.  
  • 5. I will be teaching the best strategies to keep your car count skyrocketing.  
  • 6. We'll walk you step-by-step through several winning strategies that you'll be able to put to use in your shop on Monday when you get back to the shop.  
  • 7. It will refresh you with a brand new attitude towards your business. Once you see how easy it is to create the business you desire, youíll be completely re-energized!  
  • 8. You won't feel alone anymore. You'll meet and talk with shop owners who are running businesses just like yours and have created incomes higher than they ever imagined.  
  • 9. Your long-suffering spouse needs to get away with you too. Stay for the weekend and re-kindle the flame in a great city!  
  • 10. I absolutely guarantee youíll be thrilled with this seminar, or I'll triple your money back!

What You Get

  • The #1 strategy our clients are using to fill their shops quickly and easily!
  • How to quickly rise to the #1 spot on Google for your local area.  
  • The brain-dead simple Facebook strategy get your offer in front of your customers cheaper than you ever thought! 
  • The set-it and forget it approach to marketing your shop so you can spend time doing what you love.

It's Time To Learn All The Marketing Secrets and Dominate Your Competition!

Here is what just a few of the shop owners have to say about their experience:

Ron’s marketing has single-highhandedly transformed my business over the last few years.

Mike Tatich | TMT Automotive

 Our shop revenue has grown from $900,000 to $2 million annually as a direct result of the training and marketing materials provided. The service and educational tools that Ron provides are constantly evolving, and never fail to help our business grow.

 Leigh Anne Best | Mighty Auto Pro

 Ron has shown me the light. His team has set a clear direction with easy-to-follow steps, and I’ve taken my business to the next level by following his instructions.

 Mehrdad Avar | Haven Auto Repair